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Middle East Privacy consults on your business compliance need ensuring an integrated and business friendly approach to data privacy and cyber security compliance. We understand your needs and relevant regulations which applies to you.

But we already have a Privacy Policy, is that not enough?

If your company is UAE-based, has clients, suppliers or employees, the new Data Protection Law (PDPL) impacts you

If you work within a financial free zone you may have to comply with more stringent data privacy laws such as the DIFC Law No.5 of 2020 and the ADGM Data Protection Regulations 2021

If you aim to be licensed by VARA as a Virtual Asset Service Provider, you will need to comply with the VARA rule book

Let’s talk data

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Personal Data

The Law governs processing of all personal data

Personal Data

The Law governs processing of all personal data, any data that can be used to identify an individual 

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The Law is designed to protect individuals

The Law is designed to protect individuals in an age of increasing big data and new technologies and to aid international business
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International Regulation

The Law does not mirror GDPR

International Regulation
The new law has some similarities with European Law (GDPR) but some differences too. Therefore being GDPR-compliant is not enough
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Effective Date

The date for compliance varies by regulator and jurisdiction

Effective Date

DIFC: 1 Oct 2020, ADGM: 11 Feb 2021, UAE: pending regulation, Oman: 13 Feb 2023, Israel: 7 May 2023, Saudi: 14 Sept 2023

The Problem

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Implementation puts a drain on resources

The Laws and Regulations may put a drain on resources and creates a financial burden, especially where outsourcing to external lawyers or consultancies

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Data Breach

The average cost of a data breach is ~$150 per record
Data Breach

IBM’s 2020 Data Breach Report states the average cost to companies of a personal data breach is
$150 per record.
How many records do you hold?

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Data Protection fines up to $28 million

Fines are yet to be announced for the UAE, but for Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), data protection fines are up to $28 million

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Reputational fallout can be more damaging than fines

Reputational fall-out can be more damaging and costly than fines, and not only affects existing customers, but also prospective ones

The Compliance impacts the entirety
of your organisation

  • Review of Data Protection Policy
  • Data Retention Policy required
  • Repapering of Third-party contracts
  • Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) needs documenting
  • Individuals have rights to personal data; access, rectification, and deletion, with certain timeframes
  • Employee contracts need reviewing
  • Job candidate and employee data storage needs assessing
  • Privacy Notices must include reasons for processing the data
  • Consent and ability to remove consent
  • Documented Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is required before deploying new systems and technologies
  • Security breaches have to be notified to the regulator
  • Information & Cybersecurity Policy and procedures
  • Security Assessment
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Security-as-a-service

The Solution

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Save money

Our toolkit is a fast and cost-effective solution

Save Money

Our Toolkit is a fast and cost-effective route to compliance, without the added expense of consultancy

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Save time

Get the job done quicker with our ready-made tools

Save Time

Get the job done quicker with our ready-made, customisable tools and templates, or our personalised recommendation report to kick-start your compliance project

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Reduce risk

Existence and adequacy of paperwork is essential

Reduce Risk

Existence and adequacy of paperwork is the first thing regulators consider during the course of investigations and enforcement proceedings

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Be updated

Our documents are continually updated 

Be updated

Our documents are continually updated based on customer feedback and legislation updates. We will inform you of changes in legislation

Our Services

Middle East Privacy is your dedicated partner in achieving Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Excellence across UAE jurisdictions. Our proven expertise in IT security, and privacy consultancy empowers you to fortify your security architecture, seamlessly integrate data privacy into your operations, and make well-informed compliance decisions.

Why us?

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Our consultants are based in UAE


Our consultants are based in UAE, so we understand the local market. We also have experience internationally, such as in GDPR.

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Cost Effective

We offer varied services for companies of all sizes.

Cost Effective

We offer varied services for companies of all sizes.

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Certified Experts

Our consultants have internationally recognised qualifications

Certified Experts

Our consultants are qualified in internationally recognised data protection certifications, such as International Association of Privacy’s (IAPP’s),

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Hands on

We act like an extension of your existing team

Hands On

With our outsourced DPO and consultancy services, we will act like an extension of your existing team. Usually we can work remotely but we are available in person too.


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